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Release #1, a comprehensive alternative of Internet Marketing Success Strategies
for SOHO, DIRECT, MLM and NETWORK Entrepreneurs On The Sunshine Coast. We offer the BEST Hosting and Marketing package online, an accumulation of 8 years of Successful Online Experience. If you're looking for a great sunshine coast seo company you're in the right place!

P l u s !   P l u s !   P L U S !   Earn up to $10,000 a MONTH!

Master Tools:
  • Domain Hosting Package (view package)
  • TWO URL Tracking Systems
  • Custom Web Page Page Counters
  • WYSIWYG Web Page Builder (see examples)
  • Desktop HTML Editor
  • Animated Banner Maker
  • In-House Email System
  • Member Banner Exchange
  • Personal Banner Rotator
  • Personal Webpage Rotator
  • Select Download Software
  • 'Follow ME' Program Directory
  • In-house Promotion Links
  • Custom List building
    system on your domain
  • Custom 24/7 REPORTS
  • Business Card Maker
  • Personal E-CARDS
  • Video Conferences
  • Telephone Support
and 20 Custom Marketing E-Books!
Compensation PLAN:
  • This is a 'Paid' Only membership
  • Membership is $39/month with a
    5x5 forced matrix. Fill your 1st level
    (5 positions) yourself or with Spillover.
  • 30% Commission on all personal sales.
  • Pay $39.00 just ONE TIME! Fill your first
    level in month one (5 people) and your
    membership fee is paid for you to INFINITY.


There are Bonus Awards on 5 Levels:

Level ONE: 5 Positions filled
Your monthly fee is paid for you.
Level TWO: 25 Positions filled
Paid Monthly Visitor package in TsunamiGOLD
Level THREE: 125 Positions filled
Second Paid Monthly Visitor package in TsunamiGOLD
Level FOUR: 625 Positions filled
Paid Executive membership in 3STEP
Level FIVE: 3125 Positions filled
Paid Eureka membership in TsunamiGOLD
Monthly Profit Sharing PLAN:
Level Three:
5% on filled level = $243.75
Level Four:
5% on filled level = $1,125.00
Level Five:
5% on filled level = $6,093.75
Level Six to Infinity:
1/4% for all filled positions on any
future level to infinity = $ unlimited!

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